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Thanks to all the Revitalizers who came out on Saturday for the mural cleanup and Laurel Street stairs trash removal. .

Mural & Monument

Clean-up Go Well

 Mural on PA Fine Arts Center​ Water Tank by 2016?

At least 37 businesses to have opened, reopened or relocated to Port Angeles since May. It's an unheard of number for this city of just 19,000 on the northern tip of the Olympic Peninsula.

More Businesses Moving to Port Angeles

The PAFAC has plans for a multi-phased renovation. Alteration to the water tank will be done in conjunction with this project.

Port Angeles C A N is a place for all concerned community members to share ideas, and develop action plans aimed at the elimination of drug and alcohol abuse in our town.  

Port Angeles Citizen Action Network

Light Up the Lincoln

Help Save 100 Years of Memories

See Port Angeles' "Best Of" Town Awards

Is Port Angeles one of the 

best towns in America? Several magazines and thousands of online voters say yes!  

Revitalize Port Angeles

After 100 years of service, the Lincoln Theater sits vacant and still, its once glittering lights gone dark, its very future uncertain. But right now, we all have a chance to change this story

Revitalize         Port Angeles