Lincoln Theatre as it looked in 1960's

Lincoln Theatre as it looked in 1950's

Lincoln Theatre as it looked in 1940's

Lincoln Theatre as it looked in 1930's

Revitalize        Port Angeles     Light up the Lincoln

Goal:  $235,000

​We are entering new negotiations with

the owners of the theater and are excited to report

that our donations now exceed $80,000!

All donations are tax-deductible


​​​​​​​​​​​​Together - We Can Bring Back 

the Lincoln Theatre -- and Let

the Theater Bring Us Together! 

Imagine a center in downtown Port Angeles that is vital for everyone: families, art lovers, teens and children, retirees, the business community, restaurants, shops, tourists, and more.  The old Lincoln Theatre could bring new life to our community, our commerce, our families—all while providing a powerful venue for actors, musicians, dancers, theatre arts, training programs and film.

Inside the new Lincoln Theatre as a new Performing Arts Center

(Cut away shows both upstairs & downstairs view.)

Port Angeles - Your Lincoln Theatre needs your help - We need EVERYONES help!

After 100 years of service, the Lincoln Theater sits vacant and still, its once glittering lights gone dark, it’s very future uncertain. But right now, we all have a chance to change this story - You can change this story.   A group of committed people is working to Light up the Lincoln Again. You can help by volunteering your time and skills, join the advisory council, apply for a position on the Board of Directors (below), and of course make a donation!​     

​We Really do Need Your Help to Make This Happen.

  For more information or if you are interested in volunteering

Please Call Scott Nagel Today at 360-808-3940,

or email him at


Lincoln Theatre as a new Performing Arts Center

Lincoln Theatre as it looked in 1916

​​With imagination, leadership, and dedication, and using community input and processes, we will find the resources to make this dream come alive for all our community. We can make our city come alive!​

Imagine coming downtown to enjoy a concert or movie, then heading to one of our many great restaurants for a night cap, or come early to shop and out for dinner before the show. Attending workshops or conferences, or bringing your kids to theatre arts workshops. The Lincoln Theatre will become a new revitalized civic center providing significant economic impact and expanded cultural programs for the entire community.

Imagine making a play-date for your kids at the theatre for a movie or special children’s concert. Imagine programs for pre-school arts, teen-age theatre classes, programs for school age kids, as well as world-class performances specifically for children and families…the options for meaningful “play” are endless.


Our Lincoln - One Key to the Economic 

Future of Downtown Port Angeles and a 

Resource for the Entire Olympic Peninsula.


The theatre will not only inspire the renovation of downtown Port Angeles, but will improve the quality of life for everyone on the Olympic Peninsula. This will become a “jewel” of the community and will inspire and enhance other community assets.

An active arts facility and community, located right in the center of town, with the widest range of activities will offer something for everyone. “Quality of Life,” is one of the most important factors that people and business consider when they look to relocate and along with jobs and education is what keeps people here and inspires the best in all of us.​ Please help us.  We can make The Lincoln and our city come alive!​